Student Leaders

We are pleased to announce our Student Leaders for 2018.

Green Bay High School encourages our young leaders of tomorrow to reach their full potential and take advantage of leadership opportunities. Students are given the opportunity to learn and showcase their leadership talents through various roles within House Leadership and other sporting and cultural activities.

Our expectation is that all Year 13 students will provide leadership to the rest of the school and be positive role models for all our students. This is especially true for those students who are selected as school leaders in Year 13.

Congratulations to the following students:
Alesha Arrowsmith, Rachel Baker, Ellisha Bishop, Isobella Brown, Christian Browne, Tiane Cole, Samantha Cudd Wahrlich, Harry Cuthbert, Katharine Dunser, Isabella Elima, Mikayla Eneliko, Loka Fa’aui, Marie Fleuriau-Chateau, Declan Honan-Crann, Campbell Jones, Tulsi Khanna, Monique Logan, Jack Markham, Isaac Pont, Gemma Rundle, Elen Stokes, Jess Tonkin, Faizan Ullah, Justin Walsh, Georgia Woodside.