Enya Murphy and Dylan Lonia-Hughes

Doing a stellar job
2019 is the inaugural year of the Ambassador Leadership Committee, ably led by Year 13 student leaders, Enya Murphy and Dylan Lonia-Hughes. This committee aims to improve the experience of being a school ambassador by adding a personal touch when welcoming new students to Green Bay High School.

An important element of helping new students to settle in is matching them with a school ambassador. This ambassador is someone they will see every day and be a first port of call for questions. They also help new students become familiar with the school campus by taking them on a tour of the school, and getting initial tasks done, such as having their student ID photo taken.

At the start of Term 3 Green Bay High School welcomed 26 new international students. Enya and Dylan visited and spoke to every form class with a new student. They fully committed themselves to recruiting ambassadors for each of them, as they know the difference a friendly face makes when everything around you is so different.

Teachers were impressed by how well Enya and Dylan spoke to their classes and as a result we have received a lot of positive feedback from the new students about how great their ambassadors have been. One new student said that their ambassador was very friendly and introduced them to their classmates and teachers. Another said that they looked after them at interval and lunchtime when they first arrived.

There are many benefits of being an ambassador. You have the opportunity to develop international friendships, improve your cross cultural communication skills, and enhance your global citizenship.

In term 4 this year there will be an opportunity for Year 9 and Year 10 students to volunteer for some training to be ambassadors in the future. Keep an eye on the daily notices, or come and speak to Kathryn Hunter, Dean of International Students, if this is something you are interested in being involved in. More information will also be shared at assemblies.