Accomodation Options

International students at Green Bay High School have the following options for accommodation when studying in New Zealand.


Some parents accompany their children to New Zealand. If students are living with a parent, the parent has full responsibility for the student outside of school hours.


This can be a close friend or family member that the student’s family has chosen to take care of their child while they are in New Zealand. The parents take full responsibility and accept the decisions made by their DCG about the day to day requirements of the child. Even though the parents have chosen this family, the school will still visit the home and Police Vet check the caregiver.


By far the most popular option is Homestay. Most of our International students live with a host family.

Living with a family helps students to learn about the New Zealand way of life, improve their English Language skills and experience a new culture. Students will have their own fully furnished room and the host family will provide three nutritional meals a day.

At Green Bay High School we understand the importance of a happy and successful Homestay experience for students.

Some of our families have been hosting students for many years and live within walking distance or a short bus ride from the school.

We have a dedicated Homestay Coordinator who carefully and regularly interviews, inspects and Police Vet checks all new Homestay families to ensure that a high standard of student care and well being are maintained.