About Green Bay High School


By choosing to attend their neighbourhood school our families and students continue a relationship with their local community. The benefits that come from that continuity are significant. Everything is easier – getting to school, seeing friends, making contact with teachers, attending sports practices or rehearsals, knowing who your children know. Attending the neighbourhood high school makes sense.

Green Bay High School has been serving its community for over 40 years. Over this time it has been a leader in educational innovation, nurtured an outstanding number of very successful graduates and placed a high value on developing independent, confident young adults.

Now, as we accelerate into the new century, our school is taking the best of our past and weaving it into a fresh vision for our future. We want our reputation for being a small, friendly, semi-rural school to be blended with a sharp, professional focus on meeting the learning needs of the next generation of adults.

The quality of a school reflects the quality of its relationship with the community it serves. Where there is a genuine partnership with families the outcomes for students are always enhanced.

Green Bay High School is a state co-educational (years 9 to 13) decile 8 secondary school, with a roll of about 1350 students. Located on the edge of the Waitakere Ranges, much of the hinterland of the school is native bush reserve, flowing down to Auckland’s west coast beaches and Manukau Harbour.  The majority of students come from the suburbs of Titirangi, Green Bay and Glen Eden and the semi-rural areas of Oratia, Laingholm and Huia.  The school offers a wide range of sports, with a focus on both traditional sports codes but also seeking to respond to a diversity of interests in non-traditional sports activities.

kotuitui circleGreen Bay High School is part of the Kōtuitui Community of Learning / Kāhui Ako, and has a strong connection with contributing schools through the Kiwisport Activator programme funded by Sport NZ, which is managed by the Director.

The school is performing strongly.  The recent review by the Educational Review Office during Term 2 (2017) determined that the school be on a four to five-year review cycle.

I invite you to join us at this exciting time for our school and together we can make sure that our young people are the successful adults of the future.

Morag Hutchinson, PRINCIPAL

Confident and proud of our success…

The last few years have been extremely dynamic ones for our school. We are very proud of the way in which the whole school has managed a significant amount of change, without losing the most valued aspect of its character…an emphasis on positive, respectful relationships. With our continued strong focus on student achievement we know the school is heading in the right direction. 

Our roll has more than doubled to over 1300 students because there is:

  • A clear, strong vision shared by an effective Board and Senior Leadership Team that learning should be individualised, innovative and connected.
  • A team of expert teaching professionals, enthusiastically embracing the latest professional learning and development – and particularly focused currently on blended e-learning.
  • Strong promotion of a school culture that values positive relationships as an essential element of effective learning.
  • Imaginative use of NCEA: traditional learning pathways sit alongside innovative curriculum initiatives with Academic Counselling, where personalised learning is prioritised over ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.
  • Major investment in upgrading ICT cabling and network system; carefully developed blended e-learning plan with “Bring Your Own Device” spanning Years 9 to 11 in 2017.
  • Responsiveness to, and support from, our local community: active engagement with families, local contributing schools and community groups.
  • Multi-million dollar commitment to property development: gymnasium upgrade completed 2015; 2014 total refurbishment of mathematics block into a modern learning environment; 2013 the new Languages and International education facility opened: and these match the new buildings and renovations related to Technology, Science, Arts, Administration and Student Services and the Performing Arts Centre.
  • Exciting growth in sport: focus on quality experiences for both elite athletes (JETS programme) and those who just love engagement in competitive sports.
  • Huge opportunities to participate in performance and cultural activities: experienced, creative and innovative teachers; many international exchanges and travel programmes.
  • Strong student leadership development through broadly scoped teams driving School Spirit (Houses), Social Awareness and Student Support – helping to create the leaders of the future.

Our continued strong focus on meeting the needs, aspirations and interests of our community and its young people underpins everything that we do.


Our Mission: Enabling Learning

Our Values:
Excellence / Rau o te Huia: being outstanding or extremely good.
Courage / Ko Kauri: having the mind or spirit that enables you to face difficulty without fear.
Respect / He Tangata, He Tangata: showing due regard for the feelings, wishes or rights of others.
Responsiveness / E Tipu e Rea: adapting quickly, positively and appropriately to changing circumstances.

Our Vision: Learning that is innovative, individualised and connected.

The strategic priorities of the Board are:

  • High Achievement: Creating a culture of excellence.
  • Quality Teachers: Passionate, professional, innovative teachers make a difference.
  • Superior Information & Communications Technology: An essential learning tool.
  • Effective Learning Environment: Ensuring the environment is conducive to learning.
  • Community Focus: Building and promoting strong links; neighbourhood networks.
  • Excellent Governance: Informed, strategic and committed.

web-bot-2016Back Row: (Parent Trustees): Chris Manase, Lee Bullinga, Sally Coulson,  Maree Stavert, and Jonathon Bacarella (Staff Trustee)

Front Row: Morag Hutchinson (Principal), Norm Wallace (Chairperson), Marie Willison (Secretary)

Student Trustee: Xanthe Brookes (2016), Lachlan Putt (2017)

Green Bay High School Education Review

The Purpose of an ERO Report:

The purpose of ERO’s reviews is to give parents and the wider school community assurance about the quality of education that schools provide and their children receive. ERO’s reports are intended to be clear, concise, constructive and evaluative. An ERO school report answers the question “How effectively is this school’s curriculum promoting student learning – engagement, progress and achievement?” Under that overarching question ERO reports on the quality of education and learning outcomes for children and for specific groups of children including Maori students, Pacific students and students with special needs. ERO also reports on the quality of the school’s systems for sustaining and continuing improvements.

Green Bay High School’s Code of Rights

At Green Bay High School we have the right to:

Learn and teach without interruption
Learn and teach in a safe environment
Be treated with courtesy and respect
Have pride in ourselves and our community
Have a comfortable and stimulating learning environment

At Green Bay High School we have the responsibility to:

Allow others to learn
Keep our school a safe and healthy place
Treat others with courtesy and respect
Act in ways that build a positive image
Keep our school tidy and attractive

Complaints and Procedures


A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction about the standards of service, actions or lack of action by staff, or actions directly affecting student achievement or well-being. Procedures are required to ensure that complaints from staff, students, parents/caregivers or members of the public are dealt with fairly, with due seriousness and with a degree of uniformity.

for more information regarding Principles, Procedures and Process.

Meet our Team


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Deputy Principal/Academic Counselling

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