Safe & Caring Environment

If you are concerned about the way you or another person is being treated by others at school we would like to know about it. This includes: teasing, bullying, harassment, physical or verbal insults, or any form of behaviour that makes you or others feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

If you have these or other issues you need help with, please talk to: your form teacher, your dean, a school counsellor or youth worker, the school nurse or doctor, a classroom teacher, a student leader, or any member of the school community you feel comfortable with.

Our Guidance Counsellor is Elaine Jacobsen. She also has a group of other support people who work with her, including our Youth Workers. To see any of these people or one of the other counsellors, please make an appointment at student services. Julie Southey and Clare Thomas in Student Services can also provide you with the names of the student leaders and other students who may be able to offer you support and guidance.
The Deans offices are located in the Administration block, and you can make an appointment to see your dean at student reception.

In 2021 the Deans are:

Year 9:  Lola Le Grange
Year 10: Logan Gillard
Year 11:  Leah Stewart
Year 12: Chloe Marsh
Year 13: Matt Ollerenshaw 

It is our goal to provide a safe and caring environment for all members of our school community.