Best Ever NCEA Results on every Level – Congratulations students, what a great start

We have commenced 2015 with a big smile at Green Bay High School.  There is nothing more rewarding than knowing that we are making a positive difference and the year has started with a number of very affirming indicators for our school community.

Great NCEA results from 2014

Our results at Level 1, 2 and 3 NCEA last year were not only our best ever…we met and exceeded our own expectations and targets.  These are unconfirmed results for those students participating in these qualifications, but it is clear that overall our students performed well in 2014.

In addition, as a decile 8 school we exceeded the national decile 8 average at both Level 1 and Level 2, which was especially pleasing.  We have also raced past the Ministry target for all student leavers (85% with Level 2) with over 91% of our Year 12 students succeeding at this Level already.

We were delighted also with the improvement in the quality of results, evidenced by the increased number of certificates endorsed for Excellence at both Level 1 and Level 3. This was another focus for us last year in Academic Counselling.

Results for Maori students were very strong also.  Given the wide concern expressed about the national pattern of Maori student achievement, our own picture is looking good. Our students exceeded the targets we has set at Level 1 and 2 easily last year and improved significantly at Level 3 over previous results.

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We are still awaiting clarification about University Entrance results.  Like the rest of New Zealand secondary schools we saw a drop in the number of students qualifying for UE following the changes led by the universities in 2013.  While a drop was expected, secondary schools are reporting that this was larger than anticipated so we are analysing the data at present to identify any adjustments we need to make for the year ahead.

Lots of new faces from our local community

We have been excited to welcome our new students to be part of our school community.  It is very pleasing that the greatest proportion of students transitioning from Year 8 to 9 from our largest contributing intermediate – Glen Eden – come to Green Bay High School.  That is how it should be in such a community as ours!  Along with the 290  Year 9s, we have also seen an increasing number of in-zone students enrolling in our school at other levels.  This is a real vote of confidence in what we are doing.

This has meant that our roll continues to grow and so we are seeing many new faces in our staffroom.  Although it was emotional to say goodbye to say goodbye to staff retiring last year it is exciting to have the opportunity this year to welcome 19 new staff members, nearly all of them teaching staff. As the school roll grows we are pleased to attract such strong professionals on to our team.

Brilliant BYOD start up

As we commence this new approach to learning, we were well aware of the potential for things to go wrong…but things have gone very well. And where there have been some small start up issues they have been resolved very quickly.  The staff leading and managing this change have done a fantastic job.

Some logistical challenges

You may be aware that our roll size has created some logistical issues.  The main concern has been some large classes, which we are working hard to resolve with the minimum of disruption.  In meeting with our senior students to sort out some complex re-timetabling issues we have been very impressed with their maturity, understanding of some the timetabling challenges and their patience.

The overloading of the buses at the end of the day has been another challenge – and not so easy to solve since that is in the hand of outside agencies. However, we have been pleased with the responsiveness to our concerns and are confident that this will be resolved shortly.

And a great summer!

We are feeling so positive about our school that it is tempting to take the credit for our beautiful summer this January. Notwithstanding the worries about drought, our students and staff have returned to school looking relaxed but enthusiastic about the year ahead, and we hope our whole community is feeling the same way.