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Two teams of Year 13 Media Studies students participated in this year’s 48 Hour Film competition and did a wonderful job. At 7:00 pm on Friday, all teams were issued a genre and required to use one object (a ball), one camera shot (extreme close up,) feature one character (Morgan) and one line of dialogue (“not with that you’re not”).

Group one, The Fire Breathing Kittens, was given the mystery/puzzle genre and they created a work of real visual sophistication that avoided cliches. Ashley Paul, Tyla Sorensen, Jesse Kobus, Amanda Wilburn, Sean Love, Oliver Hoddinott and Brooke Wheelhouse wrote, filmed and performed in the project. Melanie Dooley wrote a fantastic score for the film. Jesse Kobus was particularly strong as Morgan. Finally, Sam Lewis pulled it all together as editor for the project. Their film will be screened at the Crystal Palace Theatre on Friday, April 11.

Group two, 848, was a completely collaborative effort between mostly new Media Studies students. Their genre was fantasy/adventure. Their story involved alternate worlds and time travel. On-screen standouts include Sarah Harper, Kelly Swan, Andrea Hamlyn and Molly Lawrey. All contributed in the writing and editing, including Helen Hao, Jessica Mathews, Te Atamea Boynton and Hannah Cole. Their production was screened publicly at the Crystal Palace Theatre on Wednesday.