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Strategic Plan Consultation:
Over the past few months, we have been working on developing our strategic plan for the next three years. Despite lockdowns getting in the way of us sharing our ideas with you in person, it’s really important that we are able to hear what you think and to feed your ideas back into the strategic plan.

We’d love to hear your thoughts!

The Vision:
Many of you will remember the fantastic short video that some of our students put together in May and thank you to the many who shared your feedback about what was important to you. Our current vision is “innovative, individualised, connected” and it was clear that although people felt that these three concepts were important, there were also a lot of other things that people felt were important that were not captured in the current vision.

After the feedback from students, staff and our community had been analysed, what linked the comments was the need to work together. Whether people were talking about achieving academically, growing culture of respect for each other or for the environment, developing a sense of community, well-being, there was a need to work together in order to achieve the best outcome.

Current Vision: Innovative, Individualised, Connected
Draft Vision: Together we achieve

Q. What do you think about ‘Together we achieve’ as a starting place for a new vision?

The Goals:
The Leadership team thought about the most important things that need to be a focus over the next three years if we are to make our vision a reality;

  • Improve student achievement
  • Strengthen a culture of pride within the school
  • Develop relevant subject pathways from Years 9-13
  • Create strong partnerships with stakeholder groups
    Q. What is important to you and your whānau in each of the areas above?
    Q. What strategies, measures or considerations should be included in the areas above?

Next Steps:

  • If you want to give your feedback via a Google form please CLICK HERE.
  • If you would like to talk by phone or Zoom – this could be 1:1 or in a larger group, please email [email protected]
  • If you would like to be part of a small group doing some deeper thinking about the plan, please email [email protected]

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Have a great weekend.

Fiona Barker