Principal Awards

Community of Learning
Green Bay High School is very proud to acknowledge students who have reached out beyond themselves to have a positive impact on others, and in turn our school. These Principal Awards go to students who have become ambassadors for our school AND our community through their actions. And in doing so they are reflecting our school values: EXCELLENCE, COURAGE, RESPECT AND RESPONSIVENESS

Congratulations to:

Year 9
Promoting our school at the GEIS Meet the secondary schools night:
Olivia Robson Lagahetau (pictured above, left)
Daniel Bentley (pictured above, centre)
Ocean Simard (pictured above, right)
Charlie Neville-Percival

Year 10
Promoting Reading – Blockhouse Bay Book Week:
Lili Brown
Nia Lloyd
Mikayla Cowie
Lorrien Howarth
Cameron Whitworth
Jack Anderson

Year 11
Kakariki Chatter Green Bay Community news:
Sophie La Roche
Isabel Quirk
Lili Burton
Rose Ursem

Year 12
Going to the aid of a person in need:
Declan Honan-Crann
Brooklyn Williams

Year 13
Supporting over community over the years:
Bridget Hall
Breahan Stubbs
Caitlyn Flynn
Marissa Stewart