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Sunday, 20 April 2014

Green Bay High School encourages our young leaders of tomorrow to reach their full potential and take advantage of leadership opportunities. Students are given the opportunity to learn and showcase their leadership talents through the School Council, House Leaders and other sporting and cultural activities.

Our expectation is that all Year 13 students will provide leadership to the rest of the school and be positive role models for all our students. This is especially true for those students who are selected as school leaders in Year 13. These students experience leadership training, which is supported by AUT's Prefects Training Programme.

Student Leaders for 2013 were appointed by Principal, Mrs Hutchinson towards the end of last year. The Student Trustee on the Board of Trustees is also a Student Leader.

Pictured above:

Back: Darren Guo, Isaac Jellyman, Waretini Wano, Jordan Wong, Jacob Neville-Smith, Damien Baber, Soma Csepcsenyi, insert: Jeremy Wyatt-Ramsden

Middle: Rhiannon Gray, Julie Danilova, Mahala Pinchen, Matthew Cole, Taylor Alaelua, Emma Smirk, Melissa Tonkin, Isla Hunter

Front: Devon Parris, Molly Tupe-Grimes, Briar Baker, Hannah Simon, Honor Smeaton, Summer Wright (BOT Student Trustee), Sarah McFarlane


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