PB4L Awards

Term 1
Assemblies held at Green Bay High School throughout the year recognise Academic, Sporting and Cultural excellence.
‘PB4L Awards’ held at levels assemblies toward the end of Term 1, recognised students who received the most GBTs (Good Behaviour Tags) for upholding the school values:

Excellence / Rau o te Huia
: being outstanding or extremely good.
Courage / Ko Kauri: having the mind or spirit that enables you to face difficulty without fear.
Respect / He Tangata, He Tangata: showing due regard for the feelings, wishes or rights of others.
Responsiveness / E Tipu e Rea: adapting quickly, positively and appropriately to changing circumstances.

Congratulations to: Year 9: Romeo Agnew, Meg Collins (11 each), Year 10: Sheeba Bellamkonda (10), Year 11: Lucy Sherson, Sylvie-Rose Strange (7 each), Year 12: Timothy Butcher-Campbell (8), Year 13: Eunice Bellamkonda (6).